Sunday, 4 October 2020

Family Update

Further to my post on the 30th September 2020, I am now in contact with several members of my late father's family!!!

Within a 24 hour period, several cousins have come forward and I've been in direct contact with some of them. They have come across as very warm and friendly, and expressed their pleasure with my appearing on the scene - it seems that as I knew nothing of them, they in return knew nothing of me.

I've already heard several humorous stories of the family and I'm getting help with placing names and dates to people as well as connections to relatives that haven't, thus far, appeared on the records.

I have to say, I am excited by all this. Not only am I getting help and real information for the family history, I have also found a family that I didn't know I had. What could be better than that? So, from the sadness of my mothers death and the ongoing fight with my mental health, I have this new and, quite frankly, massive positive thing.

The actual family history work has slowed down over the past few days, and that's mainly because of the new connections I have found and made, but I am gearing up to get back at it during the coming week. I'm returning to work again tomorrow, but this time I do feel ready and I feel as though I want to go back. I don't think the return to some form of routine will hurt - I say that because I hate routine :-D

Today I have been experimenting again with the Brother DS-940DW portable scanner. All being well, I will be visiting my new found relatives within the next few weeks, and if there are photos or documents about, I would like to be able to scan them in situ as it were. I said in my post about the Brother scanner that it wasn't brilliant with photographs - I've spent this morning adjusting different settings, and alas, that remains the case. However, document scanning is off the scale brilliant, so it's purpose is still very much there and it will always travel with me.

I've been investigating various methods that I could use to scan or copy photographs and it seems that the simplest and most obvious answer was right there all along, in front of me, literally in my hand - my smartphone!!! I suspect eyes are rolling. And I found a fantastic app that makes the process a hell of a lot easier and produces amazing results. It's called Photomyne and it processes the image for you to balance up wonky edges, cropping, adjusting colour and contrast and saving as a high quality .jpg file, plus it can scan up to six photographs at once and then process them individually!!! Because of this, I made the decision to pay for the upgrade to the full version and I don't begrudge a single penny. I now have the equipment I need to be able to scan documents and photographs on the go.

I have received a few more certificates this week as well, a couple of death certificates, a birth certificate and a marriage certificate - they've all been really helpful.

The tree is starting to look as though it's taking shape - we have the (pretty much) immediate Fellowes family, and also the off-shoots are now starting to take their place, in the main my paternal mothers family, which look as though they extend back to 1587, though I still have to do a lot of verifying first before I consider it 100%.

Genealogy has started to become many things to me. It's fun, it's challenging, it's exciting and it's revealing. It's been a huge factor in my recovery, it's found me a family I didn't know existed and it's helped me regain my self-belief.

Family Update

Further to my post on the 30th September 2020, I am now in contact with several members of my late father's family!!! Within a 24 hour p...