Friday, 11 September 2020

Something of a massive update!!!

Okay, a quick but very important question for you......

Where the hell has all the time gone???!!!


In a week, so much has happened and it's all been great.

Not so great is that I return to work on the 14th September. I really do not want to go back yet as I simply don't feel ready, but a possible reality is that I actually might need to go back. My hope is that some kind of "enforced" routine may help the progress with my CMHS (Current Mental Health State). And quickly, I have to say that my employer has been amazing. Not everyone can say that.

So, back to the more important stuff.


A week ago on the 4th September I visited four cemeteries to find headstones that might yield interesting and hitherto unknown information. That happened. And during the course of this last week, I've been acting on that information and raiding the family history research sites in search of snippets of info that might propel me further back into the past or give me more insight into the people I have already found.

Got that in bucket loads.

I've had a number of birth, death and marriage certificates come through from the General Register Office and it's incredible how much detail they give you and how much information they hold to help you cross-reference and/or start looking at other people. Birth and marriage certificates give details of parents, so that makes them the perfect platform to the next generation from the one you're working on.

Of interest has been the cause of death on the male line of the Fellowes family back to the 1920's, dominated by heart and lung issues, all of which is not only interesting, but makes for a solemn warning for myself and my son. Heart issues are recurrent, my father died from a heart attack and I have, in the last couple of years, had tests on my heart (thankfully all well at this time!!!) for fibrilation problems plus I am a type 2 diabetic. Bronchitis has also featured heavily, making victims of several male Fellowes folk, old and young.

I've been going through my parents photograph albums and finding many photos from their youth that I have not seen before - as I am more interested in my fathers side of the family at the moment, his photos have given me an insight to his life, his character, his surroundings and his friends and family.

The Canon photo scanner.


Laptops Direct didn't deliver.

Didn't inform me of any issues.

I got quite shitty - CMHS makes me very intolerant and quite unpleasant sometimes. Upshot is order cancelled and refunded. I now have a different brand of portable scanner on order from Amazon which will be delivered tomorrow (Saturday 12th September 2020).

I'm not saying any more.

I don't want to jinx it.


My daughter Alannah and I went down to London yesterday (10th September 2020) to scatter my late mothers ashes at Golders Green Crematorium, as per her wishes. My son, Callum, was supposed to have come with us, but sadly his work wouldn't give him the time off. Naturally, he was quite upset as the three of us have done everything between us following my mothers death, but regrettably, nothing could be done about it. It went very well, the weather was perfect and both Alannah and I felt a sense of relief once it was done. My mother is now where she wanted to be and my hope is that she now has the peace she so longed for. Golders Green Crematorium was brilliant, their staff are very friendly, very professional and a credit to the funeral profession. We spent a little time just sitting in the gardens, chatting about all sorts and wishing those we've lost well.

Okay, we also did a bit of celebrity plaque hunting!!!

Once we had said our goodbyes to my mother and finished looking for celebrity plaques, we made our way back to the car - today was the turn of my late mothers black Suzuki Jimny, hereinafter referred to as Jimny, and now in my care and possession until such time as my son passes his driving test - and readied ourselves for our next mission.

As indicated in my blog entry post thing "The Great London Grave Quest 2020", I had, in the last week, read up on cleaning headstones and had duly ordered some headstone cleaning solution called, wait for it......Headstone Cleaning Spray......

So, fast-forward back to yesterday, Alannah and I pointed Jimny in the direction of Kensal Green Cemetery and we headed off to revisit the grave of my great grandmother, Ethel Fellowes and two of her daughters, Queenie and Alice.

Alannah was hugely impressed with Kensal Green Cemetery and was open-mouthed as we drove through the lines of mausoleums and memorials to the Fellowes plot. And whilst the photographer in me will still be visiting this place on another day, I couldn't resist a few shots on my smartphone:

As with my previous visit with Kaa (the trusty black Ford Fiesta), I parked Jimny up on the side of the track near to the site of the Fellowes grave. We took a walk over to the plot and I introduced Alannah to her great great grandmother and her two daughters. We then set about cleaning the headstone and oh my, what a difference once we'd finished. The details that the headstone gave were fantastic, I now had the dates of death for the three occupants.

Alannah was quite delighted with the end result of our headstone cleaning exercise and said that she would have been happy to have done the whole of the grave. Possible excuse for another visit methinks. I'm of a mind that we should maybe give the Soanes grave in Willesden New Cemetery and the Cull grave in Camberwell Old Cemetery the same treatment. But that's for another day.

Here's a before and after of the Fellowes headstone:

Isn't the difference quite something?

Upon our return to Norwich, I found an email from the General Registry Office telling me that a death certificate I had ordered was ready to download.

I wasted no time.

Once more, the date, location and cause of death found on this certificate have provided some very welcome information, and the person who registered the death was not who I thought it would be!!!

It seems that my great great grandfather remarried after being widowed (currently working on the details of that) and so a new wife has consequently appeared on the radar, who I've now identified and the relevant (I hope) marriage certificate has been ordered.

The game continues.

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