Monday, 28 September 2020

Back after a bit of a......

So, as stated n the precious posting, I went back to work on the 14th September 2020, and I managed to survive two and half days before the CMHS seriously kicked and dictated otherwise, necessitating a further two weeks off work. Now diagnosed with depression and on anti-depressants. Not as bad as it sounds because it means that with a diagnosis, I now have treatment and I have to say that I am feeling a whole lot better!!! This mental health thing really is in need of further acceptance and understanding in the wider community, I know I am certainly getting first hand experience of it!!!


I had to take a week or so away from everything and essentially sat on the sofa for the best of four days staring into space whilst the medication started to do its thing. Naturally, EVERYTHING got put to the wayside during this time, but last weekend, I got my genealogy mojo back and I hit into a solid three to four days of it, uncovering elements of many of the families on my tree and ordering certificates from the General Register Office like there was no tomorrow.

And what wonderful dividends have been reaped.

Information about dates, places, causes of death, places of death, parents names, confirmations of research already done. I tell you, it's been great.

I now have the families of both my parents back to the 18th century and what a colourful bunch they were!!! We have workhouses, illegitimacy, shotgun weddings, rag and bone men, multiple marriages and even a Chelsea pensioner on the Scottish side.

Now, I remember tales of a highwayman in the Scottish family, who was caught and hung (clearly not too successful) - I have to find him!!! And my late mother told me many years ago that we were supposed to have a link to the pirate Captain Henry Morgan - now I like the sound of that and it does somewhat go towards explaining my sons love of rum!!!

I have many names, many relatives and many connections and I still have more to find, but what a journey this is turning out to be!!! I have yet to go through my mothers collection of letters, documents and notes, many of which I already know will hold valuable bits and pieces of information that may provide some gentle steerage or confirm what's been found thus far.

On my fathers side of the family, I am back to 1790, I have a name, but at the moment I am struggling to find a solid connection other than the name and date of birth of his son, it's not enough at this stage as the sons name was quite common in North West London at that time. And then on my mothers side of things I am now back as far as 1787, so getting even further back is going to be something of a real challenge, as is finding out information about my four times great grandmother - at this moment in time, I have no date of birth, date of death or even a date of marriage. Fab.

These are the types of  riddles and mysteries that are fuelling my love of this pastime, teasing my addled brain and tempting my inquisitive nature.

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