Tuesday, 25 August 2020

And the adventure begins......

After upgrading my wonderful partners computer this morning, I set about clearing up our dining room (a lot of bits and pieces piled up everywhere following the clearance of my late mothers flat) so that I might get access to our gloriously dilapidated bureau. It's a sorry looking old thing with lots of bumps, scratches and dents, but it's as solid as a rock and we love it to bits. It's an ideal little laptop workstation for us both as well, perfect for this fledgling genealogist. I'm all about technology and have no problems in embracing it in all it's forms. Internet, tablets, smartphones, laptops and PCs, we've got the lot and I certainly recognise that they really are the perfect tools for the task of seeking out the family past.

I had hoped that the TreeView software was to have been delivered yesterday (Monday 24th August 2020), however, I suddenly remembered this morning that I was ordering from a "normal" retail outlet and not Amazon - ordering on a Sunday does not mean delivery on Monday!!! But that's fine, S&N Genealogy Supplies got it here damn quick all the same and I am more than very happy with that.

So, the software.

Oh my.

It's great.

I have spent the best part of this afternoon and this evening navigating my way through it. It's very intuitive, easy to use and looks good. The added extras (a book and three catalogue type things) make the bundle very worthwhile as does the 4 month Platinum Subscription to The Genealogist website where they have millions of records. Also, there was a voucher for a year's subscription to Discover Your Ancestors magazine - what's not to like!!!

It's been quite fun inputting the few bits and pieces I managed to rake up on my fathers side of the family as well as the plethora of people that my mother had discovered - we're already looking at the 1840's!!!

My mother had a huge trunk containing potentially 1000's of old photographs as well as other notes, thoughts and factoids she had gleaned over the years. These are all currently in the storage unit, but I suspect I shall be heading over there tomorrow to gather some of the boxes and bits I know to have family history stuff in.

What will be very useful in the coming weeks and months is the Canon P-208II Portable Document Scanner I ordered today. I am very much an advocate of the "paperless" way of living, so I intend to scan as much of the documentation my mother gathered as possible, along with the myriad of photographs. The Canon scanner I have bought is capable of duplex scanning, that it is to say it can scan both sides of a document, which will be very handy when scanning the photographs as often there is a fair bit of information on the back of them, not least dates and the names of the photographer, which helps with dating the images with a little more accuracy. Being portable means that I can scan documents and photographs where and when I like, so I'm not tied to a desk or table. As I have the TreeView software installed on my PC and 2 laptops (yes, 2 laptops), I will be free to work anywhere I wish.

Another exciting development today was the ordering of my first birth certificate!!!

(Jeepers, I never saw myself writing a statement like that, let alone thinking it!!!)

However, be that as it may, the first birth certificate has been ordered, and yes, I am most definitely excited about it.

It is for my paternal grandfather and the information I am expecting to be on it will give me the platform to the next generation, my great-grandparents. It will also confirm whether or not my researching skills are on point - I have a maiden name for a lady whom I believe to be my great-grandmother and nothing much else other than dates and places that sort of match up. I have a pleasant hunch that I've got this one right, but we will see in a few days time. As I mentioned earlier, I am all for the paperless society thing, so my order, placed with the General Register Office, will in the digital .pdf format that will, with any luck, be with me early next week via electronic delivery. Okay. Email.

No paper.

I'm happy already.

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