Monday, 28 May 2018

New album on the horizon - "Loom of Light"

The two main things in my life, aside from my loved ones, are music and photography, and it's the former of these that is of interest for this posting.

On the 1st June 2018, I will be releasing my third "solo" album, called "Loom of Light", as a download on my Bandcamp page.

Here's the cover:

Over the past couple of years, I have been putting together a small computer-based studio in my home, month by month filling the hard drive with the very best software I could get my hands on - hardware is not an option for me as I literally have no room in my little room (it's 6'x9'!!!). And in with that comes the fact that you need to learn how to use the things you buy. In time, my "ideas and learning" folder accrued quite a large number of musical sketches and phrases that came about as a result of my trying out new software and new techniques that I have picked up along the way.

And weirdly, that's how "Loom of Light" came into being.

Several of the pieces had a similar feel to them, largely because of my getting to grips with software-based modular synthesis, thanks to Softube's Modular and VCV Rack. I've also enjoyed learning about additive synthesis courtesy of Air Music Technology's Loom II and Arturia's Synclavier V synthesizers, hugely digital but very capable of providing some wonderful spectral washes of sound. 

So I layered, I arranged and I mixed numerous passages of music and sounds to create a highly experimental ambient album of electronic music. It won't be easy listening, apart from one or two tracks that have some element of melody to them, structure and form do not really play a part, it's random, it's sometimes noisy and in places, it can be quite jarring to the ear. Deliberate distortions and repetition are the order of the day, "Loom of Light" is about atmosphere, mood, ambience and a sense of, well, I'm actually really pleased with it.

Release will be download/streaming only through my Bandcamp page - a physical product simply isn't going to happen as it's too much of a financial hit.

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