Saturday, 14 October 2017

Forward motion......

I have so much going on and so much to do at the moment, and not enough time to do it all!!!

But that's not a complaint, though it probably comes across as that.

I don't believe in luck and I don't believe in good fortune, but I do believe we can really create our own luck and good fortune through a bit of application and organisation - i.e. hard work.

In my last posting, I said about a strong desire to re-focus my energies into the music and photography, well that's basically what I am doing now. I have an endgame, a pathway that has a definite final destination, being that place I want to be. I can't put a time limit on it, if it happens as I hope, it'll happen when it happens.

Today I invested in a new website for my photography, a site that will allow me to not only display my photos but sell them and share then with the people I hope I will need to share them with. It's time to take things to another level and move beyond the hobbyist to something a little more. I'm getting more dates in the diary for the gig photography and I have plans for the website that will allow me to indulge myself in all manner of different styles and subjects, but with a possible financial outcome. It's early days, but the blueprint has been made, now it's all about making it happen.

Tonight, I kick of a new era of gig photography with the excellent Public Service Broadcasting at Norwich's University of East Anglia. It's a new era for me as it sees a return to something that I loved doing, but now doing it with different eyes, a different attitude, experience and new and better cameras and lenses (all out on their maiden voyages tonight!!!).

Excitement and anxiety combined are a truly glorious sensation.

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