Saturday, 2 September 2017

Opening a new DAW......

My Digital Audio Workstation (DAW - pronounced "door") of choice for the last few years has been Reaper 5 from U.S. software house, Cockos. It's been a hard-hitting contender in the world of high-end DAW's for a while now, retaining high-end features at a hugely affordable price.

And that remains so, but today I played around with a DAW from top-marque hardware mixing console manufacturers, Harrison Consoles called Mixbus32C.

The Mixbus32C is based upon Harrison's epically famous 32C console (hence the name), a desk which was used to record such modern musical luminaries as ABBA, Michael Jackson (of note, albums like "Thriller" and "Off The Wall"), Paul Simon's "Graceland" album, Blondie, Queen, Led Zeppelin and Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) amongst many others. The virtual version has been emulated down to the last resistors and is considered to be a fine rendition in digital form of a classic board. The image below is of the hardware Harrison 32C console:

I tried it out today, taking a couple tracks from my "The Timeless Mind" album and mixing the stems in Mixbus32C. I only spent a couple of hours on these two pieces, nothing serious or too in-depth, but I have to tell you that the results were outstanding. The workflow was very organic, making me feel as though I were using a hardware console, such is it's routing and approach. The GUI is very good, capturing the essence of a classic mixing console and easy on the eye.

The MIDI part of Mixbus32C wasn't to my liking though, I must admit. That will be down to the fact that I have gotten used to Reaper 5 and am very happy and comfortable working my around that DAW. Mixbus32C is different, and for me, it's too different. That said, I will be continuing to track/record in Reaper 5, but I will be trying out mixes and mastering in Mixbus32C.

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