Sunday, 1 June 2014

Last bit of gear……

It seems that the expression “this will be the last bit of gear” has turned into something of a running joke in my family and between my friends. However, this time, I really do mean it and simply because there is nothing else I now need. The GTK Studio is fully stocked Smile
So, the new addition.
It’s a Steinberg Midex8 USB MIDI interface and it's the bottom unit in the pic below:
“But you’ve already got a MIDI interface!!!” I hear you cry. And yes, you are quite right as I have been using an Emagic AMT-8 USB MIDI interface, but the on-going problem I’ve had with it is that it’s not Windows 7 64-bit compatible and I have had to make use of an old Windows XP PC purely to run the MIDI.
The issue has been that when Apple bought out Emagic, they stopped supporting these amazing products and that of course is what Apple does – forces you into buying new stuff that you don’t necessarily want/need/can afford by either not supporting or changing stuff on newer products thereby making older stuff totally redundant. I really don’t like that type of practice and it's one of the reasons why I will forever resist buying Apple products. Over-priced and shamefully lacking in customer focus. Plus, I have found that equivalent products within the worlds of the PC and Android are just as good and at a significantly lower cost. I certainly won’t be parting with more cash than I need to just to be a part of the flock. Steinberg on the other hand, unofficially released the 64-bit drivers for their discontinued Midex8 some 3 years ago. That’s smart thinking, allows people to continue using products they are familiar with and is a good way to keep the customers happy, thereby possibly shoring up their customer base.
Anyway, enough of the ranting. The bottom line is that an opportunity arose to acquire the Midex8 at a VERY good price (you know me and my bargains) and I took it. It arrived yesterday morning, I plumbed it in to the system yesterday afternoon and last night, going into the VERY early hours of this morning, I had it doing the job it was built to do. I like that it doesn't need a power supply, my system is powerful enough to support it power-wise and whilst it's mainly plastic and therefore quite light in weight, it does seem to be quite sturdy. It looks great, was a doddle to install and everything seems to be happily running with Reaper 4 handling the data side of things and the Midex8 dishing out the data to the gear.
The GTK Studio is finally complete Smile
And there you have it, the last bit of kit. Now perhaps, I can get on with some music!!!

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