Friday, 9 May 2014

Oh dear, more gear......

Well, I now believe that there really is no point in saying "and I won't be buying any more equipment", because I've just got some new gear.
Anyway, here goes......
First up are a pair of patch bays. I wanted these to add to my rack so that I can set up a more flexible auxiliary send routing with the Peavey mixing console. I've had to sit down with pen and paper  and physically draw what I want to.
The next new piece of gear is part of a trade I did with Duncan Goddard of the electronic music group Radio Massacre International, and it's a Korg ElecTribe ES-1 sampling drum machine. It matches my Korg EA-1 analogue modelling synthesiser and is a rather cool piece of kit. As it's name implies, it's a programmable drum machine, but you can use your own sound samples. This is quite exciting, particularly for live use, as I can sample some of the complex rhythm loops I use and with the EA-1, provide a proper live sequenced backing.
Here's a pic of the ES-1 with the Korg EA-1 analogue modelling synthesizer:
The last bit of kit is something of a whim, and I have had people ask me if I have lost my senses. It's a 1984 Ensoniq Mirage digital sampling keyboard. Now I'm not going to pretend it's the greatest thing ever, it's not, but what it does, taking into account its quirks and limitations, it does great and does with a sound and style of its own. The pianos and choral sounds are just wonderful, even though they are 8-bit samples, full of character and colour as well as being gloriously crunchy. I already have a couple of ideas in mind for one of the piano patches which will work wonderfully alongside some of the Hollow Sun libraries.

This is a snapshot of my GTK Studio this morning, lots of nice toys to play with in the coming weeks:


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