Friday, 18 April 2014

Gear Acquisition Syndrome strikes yet again!!!

Yep, some more stuff has found it’s way into the GTK Studio.

I’ve been wanting a hardware low pass filter for some time and then a couple of weeks ago, I managed to acquire just such an item from good old eBay, and for a very good price I might add.


It’s quite obviously a “home brew” jobbie (as in D.I.Y.), but it has a good solid sound and is a very beefy, screamy, dirty, filthy filter. I put one of my Monotrons through it and it made the walls rattle!!! Here’s a bit of a test video:

Plenty of uses for live performance as well as in the studio.

I took delivery this morning of a rather nice little synth/sequencer – the Korg ElecTribe EA-1 analogue modelling synthesizer, as bought from Facebook friend, Martin Powell.


Not had much of a chance to play with it properly yet, but what I have found already is that it really is a very cool little piece of kit. It can go from being quite mellow and very ambient to downright dirty. I like that in a synth.

It’s a basic synthesizer with a 2 track sequencer and real-time parameter controls. In my book, that makes it VERY usable for live performance. I’m planning to hook it up to my Korg 01/W FD workstation over the coming weekend as it would rather cool to be able to program sequences that I can not only play along with, but also change on the fly. It’s incredibly easy to use and in no time at all I had created a very basic sequence with a synth kick that was quite tweakable with the on-board controls.

Here’s a very poor sound quality video I threw together this afternoon, putting the EA-1 through some effects pedals:

I've just closed a trade of my Novation ReMOTE ZeRO SL MIDI controller (which I just could not get on with sadly - should never have sold the Novation ReMOTE 61 SL MIDI keyboard!!!) for another piece of Korg ElecTribe equipment - more details whe it's delivered ;-)

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