Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Little book of yesteryear……

WP_20140311_007[1]Took something of a trip day down memory lane this morning when the postman delivered a little book that I won in an eBay auction over the weekend.

When I were lad etc, I had a few titles from this little collection of books called “The Observer Series”. They were a series of small, pocket-sized books, published in the U.K. between 1937 and 2003 and their titles covered quite a variety of different things such as hobbies, art, history and wildlife. Their purpose was to help the reader become a little more observant about their surroundings in relation to their chosen subject, and as you might imagine, it was a series that was very popular with children – like I said, I had quite a few titles in my bookcase as a boy.

The edition I bought from eBay is “The Observer’s Book of Automobiles” and it’s very same edition I had when I was about 11 years old. They’re great little books and this one, the 1975 edition, has black and white photographs of all manner of cars from around the world and a stack of interesting information about dimensions, carburettor, chassis, tyres, the lot.

So, I have sat here over lunchtime, a little misty eyed, remembering how much pleasure I got out of leafing through the pages as car-loving 11/12 year old and mentally noting all the ones I was going to own when I grew up.


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