Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Some news and some new studio bits......

Still cracking on with "Structures of Paradise" and "Hollow Sun" - both of which are coming along nicely. But in the meantime, I've had some news and some new stuff that has appeared in the GTK Studio.
So, the new proper news just in is that I seem to have found myself become a part of a Norwich-based electronic music set up called Weathered Wall. WW is fronted, as it were, by my buddy Dean Burnett, formerly of the bands The Tower and Japanese Whispers (I hadn't heard of them either). I won't be doing much with WW until I've got "Structures" completed and "Hollow Sun" is at least half done. Should be a lot of fun, Dean and I have a great friendship that goes all the way back to last week and I hope that rapport will come through in the music. Talking of which, it'll be predominantly synthesizer based with vocals. I'll post some more details about Weathered Wall soon :-)
And so to the new GTK Studio additions.
First up are two excellent software synthesizers from Arturia, namely the Prophet V and the Jupiter-8V. These two synths are based on classic keyboards from the 1980's, the SCI Prophet 5 and Prophet VS and the Roland Jupiter 8 (bet you weren't able to work that out, eh?). The Arturia Prophet V is actually two synths in one, with a third "hybrid" synth that combines the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS elements together. I love the sounds that the hybrid is capable of and I think I'll be spending a fair bit of time messing about with it. The Arturia Jupiter-8V has a lovely 1980's synth sound that is quite close to the original, I've not spent much time with it as yet, but thus far, I'm really liking the things it's throwing at me. Please do expect to hear these synths on "Hollow Sun".

On the effects front, I've added a fabulous "through-zero" flanger called Liquid from a U.S. company called Audio Damage. Audio Damage do some pretty cool stuff and I will definitely be adding more of their products to the GTK Studio arsenal. Liquid is a genuinely useful tool as it adds life and sparkle as well as the familiar "jet flanging" effect. I spent an evening with Liquid and some synth string patches and I was mightily impressed. It's an unruly little beast as well, so it needs careful handling and a compressor or two ;-)
You may recall (if you've read anything else on this 'ere blog) that I installed the free Alchemy Player from Camel Audio. Well, one of the things that attracted me to the free player was that you could still buy the sound libraries Camel Audio have for sale and use them. So, I have managed to get my sticky virtual paws on a few of them and I have to tell you that they are awesome!!! Here's what's currently in the Alchemy Player library:
Cinematic Atmospheres
Taste of Camel

And lastly on the GTK Studio new equipment list is the Korg Monotron Duo. I have the original Monotron and the Monotron Delay, so as soon as I saw this latest little lovely going for a silly cheap price on evilBay, I had to get it. It's essentially a two-oscillator version of the Monotron, with cross-modulation. It also has a proper chromatic keyboard which makes playing melody lines a lot easier. Hooked up with the other 2 Monotrons, this little beauty screams like a banshee and I will tell you that I've started a track for "Hollow Sun" that will be nothing but the three Monotrons ;-)
So, that's it for now. Much going on here in GTK HQ at the moment and hardly a moments peace - but it's all good and positive stuff, which is basically how we roll.

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