Monday, 28 October 2013

Another SuperWave soft-synth added and stuff......

When SuperWave suddenly offers their products at half price, you can't ignore it!!!
So, this evening I raided the Paypal account and bought their rather excellent Tarkus synthesizer. It's a three oscillator beast, based upon the legendary Korg MS2000 synthesizer. Other features include an incredible four sixteen-step sequencers, an arpeggiator and a multi-fx section which includes chorus, phaser, delay, distortion and EQ, all of which can generate a convincing analogue sound.
It's laid out in the same fashion as a Korg MS2000 and apparently, if you own one, you can use it as a control surface for Tarkus. I like that it has one control per parameter, I find it far more intuitive than multi-function controls and once linked to my Evolution MK449C MIDI keyboard controller, gives me more real-time control.
Tomorrow will see me doing a significant amount of work on the "Structures of Paradise" album. Callum has done his parts so it's time to get everything edited and arranged. It's coming along very nicely and the different bits and pieces of effects software I have added to the GTK Studio Computer over the last few months are rea;y proving themselves to be the investment I had hoped them to be, particularly the Waves and Minimal System Instruments plugs.
I'm also of a mind to have another crack at using the sequencers on my hardware Korg 01/W FD and M1R EX synthesizers - pointless having them in the rack and not using them!!!

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