Friday, 6 September 2013

"Hollow Sun" and "Structures of Paradise" updates......

Work is properly underway now on the fourth Geigertek album, "Hollow Sun"
A few basic structures are now residing in the "Hollow Sun" folder ready for me to work on and I have some working track titles:
"Dark Skies" - (definite 150% opening track, darkly ambient with some nice Korg 01/W FD electric piano sounds)
"Hollow Sun" - (already has a spacey Berlin School feel and I think it will be quite a long track)
"Nexus" - (very sequency, blippy, drifty and swirly already)
"You Are Not Alone" - (ambient-ish cover version vocal track and definitely the closing track)
"Black Star" - (another sort of Berlin School feel, but with something of a beat)
"Weightless" - (ambient vocal track, very dreamy and drifty - lots of delay and reverb and anticipating a female vocal)
I am seriously looking at doing a cover of the "U.F.O." T.V. theme, still cogitating that one as whilst it's a great piece of music, it's not particularly long and quite repetitive. Possibly will write something that works around variations of the theme.
There's probably another two or three tracks to add to the list which will give me a nine track album, or, nine tracks to choose from to make up a single album, depending on track length of course.
I've started recording a studio version of the live set that my son, Callum Raeburn-Fellowes, and I did for the Awakenings Evening back in July 2013. Again, a basic framework has been prepared, and as soon as I can get Callum over for a weekend, I'll get his rhythm and synth parts recorded. It's already sounding quite epic, particularly the intro where I've used a rather splendid cathedral organ sample set created by my mad Welsh chum, Stephen Howell, head honcho of the Hollow Sun software house. And the ambient backing of the first part, using a delightful patch on my Roland Juno-D, sounds divine with some added reverb and subtle modulation.
"Structures of Paradise" will be released under my own name and not Geigertek.

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