Friday, 1 February 2013

A new toy......

I recently took possession of an Apple iPhone 3G (hereinafter referred to as "The 3G") and wow, have I been impressed with it.

Now, I get that it isn't a 3GS, a 4, a 4S or a 5, but let's remember that I have not used a smart phone before so everything on the 3G is new to me.

With it being an older model, and so typical of Apple, no longer supported, there are very few apps that are still available, but that hasn't stopped me. I now have my Twitter and Facebook accounts accessible from The 3G, as well as e-mail and Google Maps. I'm also really liking the little camera and it's use with Twitter (of which I now totally get the point!!!), particularly when I am out and about. As we use the utterly excellent BT Internet in this house, I can usually get a decent WIFI connection absolutely anywhere (found a WIFI hotspot in the middle of a Norfolk village the other day!!!) and of course this enables me to upload my pics to Twitter. I realised the power and the benefits of The 3G when I went for a day trip to London a couple of days ago, when I was able to snap a few pics and tweet them almost immediately (connection dependant of course). I think it's likely that I'll upgrade in the future to one of the newer generation iPhones as I would like some of the fab photo and music apps that are available, but I'm in no hurry. I've found a couple of really cool music apps already and am enjoying messing about with them - these are "Bloom" (co-created by none other than Brian Eno) and "Oramics", an app based on the work of Radiophonic Workshop co-creator, Daphne Oram. Will I be using these in my own music? Yes, I think I will.

Like I said above, none of what I've written here is really anything new for most people, but for me it is and I'm absolutely loving the new little world it has opened up to me.

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