Monday, 14 January 2013

Surprise new additions to the GTK Studio......

I had it in my head that once I had got the Peavey mixing console, I would not be getting anymore gear.

Yeah right.

The arrival of the Peavey console meant that I didn't have as much use for the Behringer patchbay because of the Peavey's routing capabilities. This left me with a hole in the synth rack and whilst, at that time, I didn't need anymore synths, I thought it might be an idea to get a dedicated reverb unit. And I found a lovely little 19" which fitted the bill perfectly - a Boss RV-1000 digital reverb.

Like the Vestax DIG411B digital delay, the RV-1000 has no MIDI or USB and a limited amount of adjustable presets. Perfect. I got it for a very good price and once again, it provides a lot for very little money. The various reverbs are nice and warm, aided by a limited, but sufficient basic 2-band EQ. The plate reverbs in particular are very useful. I've already found it to be a very useful piece of kit and complements the Alesis QuadraVerb nicely. Here's a picture of it in the effects rack (it's the second one down!!!)

As I said above, I thought I had reached the point where I didn't need anymore synths (now having 6 of them!!!). However, that was about to change. I was having a peruse through good evilBay (as you do), when I happened upon a Roland Juno-D synthesizer for sale at a very low price, locaated only a couple of roads away from where I live and only a couple of days to go. I e-mailed the seller and offered a sum of cash to which he replied in the very positive. I went and picked it up, paid my cash and when I got home, I found I had got a great little synthesizer, with some nice sounds and ideal for live stuff. It has some lovely warm string/pad sounds, some excellent lead patches and pianos that I thought I had lost when I sold my Roland JV-2080 module. With it only being 9 years old, the Juno-D is also more than happy to chat with the GTK Studio Computer. It also looks rather nice and has some cool looking little lights ;-) All I have to do now is integrate it into the studio somehow!!!

So, more toys to play with, more bargains snaffled and less space in the GTK Studio!!!

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