Monday, 14 January 2013

GTK Studio Refit

The acquisition of the Peavey SRC 2400 24 channel mixing console presented me with a number of challenges owing it's size and the smallness of the GTK Studio, so there was nothing for it but to completely re-do the studio. And what a task it was!!!

The room that my studio occupies is 7'x11' and the Peavey is just over 4' long, so I sat down with pen and paper to try and work out the best way I could fit stuff in. I also wanted to include my two-tier keyboard stand, as I want to use both the Novation REmote 61 SL MIDI keyboard and the Alesis QS6 synthesizer, and keep all of the rack-mounted hardware together as much as possible.

I emptied the room completely and it took me 3/4 hours of moving stuff about until  I was happy with how it was laid out. Once everything was in place, it was a matter of then connecting the gear to the mains, setting up the MIDI network and cleaning the Peavey as it had been stored in a garage for quite sometime and was more than a little dusty. I still need to replace a missing fader cap and pot, but they aren't urgent and the desk works just fine without them.

I'm really happy with the way everything is now set out. The Novation MIDI keyboard happily communicates with the rack-mounted hardware through the Lexicon audio/MIDI interface and all the hardware effects units are nicely set up on 4 auxillary send channels on the Peavey console. This allows me to route the hardware synths and any other instruments I plug in the desk, through to each and everyone of the effects units. I've set up the effects units so that I can route their signals through to each other, and if I wanted, feed the signal back into itself. Naturally I will need to be VERY careful with this as it can create some quite apocalyptically loud feedback signals.

It was quite fun to use the little Korg Monotron synthesizer through the desk - again proving that it is most certainly NOT a toy. I also put the Linstead signal generator through the Monotron's analogue filter then into the desk, routing it through to the Vestax delay and then on to a rather nice setting on the Boss reverb. Routing through the ring modulator on the Zoom 1201 also proved very interesting and quite inspiring for a piece of music that may have that Radiophonic Workshop feel to it.

So, I now have no excuses for not getting anything done. I have some good hardware and some excellent software, recently boosted by the acquistion of Cakewalk's Rapture synthesizer, Image-Line's excellent Sytrus synthesizer and the totally awesome sounding OP-X synthesizer (a remarkable emulation of the famous Oberheim OB-X) from Sonicprojects. And Sir Stephen Howell of Hollow Sun very kindly sent me his Pulstar and YouKnow6 products, both of which are quite simply brilliant sounding.

Here's some pictures of the new-look and refitted GTK Studio :-)

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