Monday, 24 December 2012

GTK Studio Software Additions

Added a few nice pieces of software to the GTK Studio over the last couple of weeks.

First up is the OP-X from Sonicprojects. This is a VSTi emulation of the famous Oberheim OB-X synthesizer and I can tell you that for a soft synth, the OP-X has got some serious balls. You may recognise the sound of the OB-X from songs such as Van Halen's "Jump" (the opening synthriff is the OB-X), Rush's "Tom Sawyer" and the organ intro of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy". The OP-X is a good solid sounding VSTi capable of ripping leads, booming basses and some seriously lush pads.

Also joining the throng is a synthesizer called Rapture from Cakewalk. I had a cut down version that came as part of Cakewalk's Sonar 7 Producer Edition DAW which I've really enjoyed using, so when Cakewalk did a crazy "End of the World" sale and offered it for a very silly low price, I went for it. Rapture has a really lovely sound thanks to it's non-aliasing resampling engine technology, making it a wavetable synthesizer of some distinction and quality. There are lots of lovely pads, some great leads and some truly awesome sequenced patches. I'm looking forward to incorporating it's sounds into my music.

Belgian company Image-Line have also had a bit of a mad sale and one item I snapped up was their Sytrus synthesizer. It's a terrific kind of hybrid synthesizer that has FM, RM and subtractive synthesis on offer and the sounds are out of this world. I can't speak highly enough of this great little VSTi and am looking forward to using it on the next geigertek album alongside the Hollow Sun products, so please do expect to hear it on forth-coming productions.

One little synthesizer I have been waiting for it's price to drop is Aalto, made by U.S. company, Madrona Labs. It's the only Buchla inspired VSTi that I can find, and I have to say it's just great. Some of the sounds are simply off the scale in terms of weirdness and it's not really a synthesizer that you could effectively use for blistering screaming solos, but that's not what I feel it is for. In my view, it's first and foremost a sound design tool, providing wonderfully abstract electronic soundscapes and drones as well as weirded out rhythmic pads and percussive loops. I need to spend some time with this to get used to the controls and what they do, but I already love it's accessibility and hugely patchable interface.

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