Sunday, 25 November 2012

An Expedition to Wales!!!

I'm in the process of a getting myself sorted out for a 2 day visit with The Fuji and Maddy the Micra to Wales next week. I shall be departing at some stupid o'clock hour on Monday morning as I would like to be at my destination by mid-late morning.

And why am I going to Wales you ask? Well, I am going at the invitation of Stephen Howell who is the head-honcho of the Hollow Sun software house, to photograph his studio and workplace. Looking forward to meeting Stephen as I am a big fan of the software that his company produces. This will be a most interesting addition to the Synth Studio Photo Project, and quite likely my last one this side of Christmas.

So the cameras are all prepped, bags packed and Maddy the Micra readied for our next adventure and be warned, there will be pictures!!! :-)

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