Monday, 29 October 2012

Chip off the old block......

I have my son, Callum, staying with me for his half-term school holiday. He asked me last week if I could send him some software to help him make one of his favourite types of music, dubstep. I quite enthused by this and told him that if he waited until his week here, I would set up his computer with the Reaper 4 digital audio workstation (DAW) and some sample loops. He agreed.

Well, we headed into the GTK Studio this morning and got to it this morning. Within a short space of time, he was happily layering up beat and instrument loops. And we have spent most of the day working together on his first track as well as showing him various basic bits and bobs of a modern computer sequencing package and he seems to have been bitten by the bug. At the moment, he is only using loops and samples, but it's a good way to get him into the mindset of working with music software and for using available sound sources to create his own pieces.

Here's a photo of him hard at it in teh GTK Studio:

He's called his first track "The Beginning" and he's put it up on Soundcloud, which you can find below:

And here's a photo of him looking very pleased with himself, whilst working on his track:

All this of course will stand him on good stead for the up and coming Impossible Men project and his work with me on future electronic music projects :-)

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