Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Awakenings All-Dayer EM Event and An Unexpected Addition!!!

I took myself off to Burton-On-Trent last Saturday (20th October 2012) for an excellent electronic music event called Awakenings. The Awakenings concerts are held roughly 4/5 times a year, but this year, the final event of the 2012 cycle was set up as an all-dayer. And what a treat it was.

On the bill were Modulator ESP, Parallel Sun, Radio Massacre International, Cosmonauttransfer, Altres and Terje Whinther. It was a very well balanced and varied line-up with a little of something for everyone. I personally enjoyed all the acts and certainly found some inspiration for my own music, particularly my more experimental stuff.

It was also a great social occasion and I was able to meet a number of people whose music I followed, articles I'd read or have linked up with on jolly old Facebook. Names here include Andy Pickford (UK electronic music composer), Paul Nagle (UK electronic music artist and review writer for music magazine "Sound On Sound"), Paul Challoner (UK electronic music artist), Kevin Guthrie (keyboard player with Altres) and Martin Greenwood (UK electronic music artist). I enjoyed catching up with people I had previously met such as Jez Creek and Phil Booth (the organisers), Duncan Goddard (radio Massacre International) and Ian Catherall (UK electronic music and EM fan).

Naturally, I took a lot of photographs and I'll be spending a few days sorting through them. Unfortunately, from what i have seen, there aren't many good ones. The lighting was very low and that proved tricky for The Fuji, but I hope there'll be couple I can do something with.

A few days before the event, I received an e-mail from a gentleman by the name of Bryan who had a Kawai K5m rack-mounted synthesizer that he thought I might be interested in, which of course I was. I popped along to Bryan's house just before going to the Awakenings All-Dayer as he lived about 15 minutes from the venue. I enjoyed an hour and a half in the company of Bryan and his brother, with a mug of tea (much welcome after my 3 and a half hour drive from Norwich!!!) where we spent the time chatting about synths, studios, music and photography. The K5m is a digital synthesizer that uses additive synthesis which is quite a complex mode of sound generation, but with the use of an editor, it shouldn't be problem to start creating my own sounds. Bryan very kindly gave me a set of data cards, which were very much appreciated, so that I can store whatever new sounds I come up with. I ran the K5m through the GTK Studio system yesterday and I have to say that I an very pleased with the shimmering glassy sounds it produces. I layered it up with my recently acquired Kawai K4r and the resultant digital soundscapes were most satisfying. I've added a picture of the K5m below.

So, I now need to sift through the photos and properly plumb in the K5m.

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