Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Just when you think you're all sorted......

Once again the GTK Studio is in disarray and all because I have a new audio interface!!!

I have to tell you though, I am not complaining.


The new interface is a Lexicon Omega 8 x 4 x 2 which looks good and sounds great, and it came with the amazingly luscious Lexicon Pantheon reverb which is just so smooth and generally lovely.

The Omega has plenty of input options for what I do as it means I can route in the new hardware stuff without needing to go through the mixing desk. Very useful and quite a nice upgrade from my previous 2 in/2 out interface.

It also has MIDI in/out sockets which means it can also act as a MIDI interface. That will be very handy for using with the DM5 drum module, the QuadraVerb and the Virtualizer as I can control and, I think, edit them from the computer, which I really like the idea of. And even if that isn't possible, no great shakes because the ability to change presets as part of a sequence will be good enough for me.

The main thing about the Omegafor me is that it is 64 bit compatible. This means that I can now use the GTK Studio computer to it's full 8GB of RAM capacity. So, Reaper 64 has been downloaded, the hard drive reformatted and a few days of reinstalling software is now underway. I also need to re-arrange the computer desk as it is now quite cluttered and very NOT feng shui. Once done, hopefully that will be it for a while.

No doubt my "grand schemes" will prove to be something of a process as they usually do, but as ever, I will get there.  Quite obviously, I suspect there will also be much reading and probably profanity required.


  1. Hi Neil,

    I see you state the Lexicon Omega came with the amazingly luscious Lexicon Pantheon reverb.

    I you state you have Sonar Producer.

    Sonar Producer 7 64 Bit along with several other useful effects/devices (reverbs, compressors, synths, etc) which are avalable for use in Reaper 64 Bit.

    If you have not installed them look again.


  2. Hi Neil,

    Sorry I should have said more clearly:-

    Sonar Producer 7 64 Bit came along Pantheon and several other useful effects/devices (reverbs, compressors, synths, etc) which are avalable for use in Reaper 64 Bit (some using bitbridge)


    1. Thanks for that - I've installed Sonar 7 since writing this posting and you are so right. Wonderful stuff. And hey, don't be anonymous!!! :-D


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