Sunday, 19 August 2012

D.I.Y. Light Box

For a while now, Anne and I have been looking at sorting ourselves out a light box for our photography so that we can photograph smaller subjects at home. We checked out the prices in the shops and on-line and frankly, it was simply too expensive. So we decided to take a walk down the D.I.Y avenue and lo and behold, we most certainly found what we were looking for.

Anne has now really got the photography bug and it was she who pushed this little project forward. She sourced out a suitable cardboard box from our local corner shop, we bought a single white bed sheet, 3 small and very cheap desk lamps,a  couple of boxes of light bulbs for said lamps and a sheet of black and a sheet of white card.

Anne set about putting the box together by cutting out the side and the top, stretching a piece of material cut from the white sheet and stickign it in place with nothing more than parcel tape. She then cut a couple of pieces of card, one black and one white, that would go inside the box to give the seamless background.

We set the three desk lamps around the box, one each side and one on top, switched them on and hey presto, light box!!!

Our first picture was of a Turkish candle holder on a black background and whilst we are not going to pretend it's a great photo in any way, it did show us that we had achieved our aim - to create a light box that would give us soft, even filtered light :-)

Watch this space......

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