Thursday, 7 June 2012

New old guitar......

For some time now I've been wanting to get my hands on an electric guitar as I'm intrigued by the possibilities it offers for sound exploration. So, I put a posting on our local Freegle (click HERE to check these weblog entries to find out more about Freegle) to see if anyone in the locale had one going spare they didn't want. I specified that I wasn't bothered about the condition or if it had any strings as these were things that either didn't matter or I could sort out.

And what do you know, I got a response from a gentleman not too far from me who said he had an old electric guitar "in bits" that he had kept aside as a project, but I was more than welcome to it if I wanted it. And I thought "why not".

I went over to collect the guitar and the man had been true to his word - it was in bits. It was a stringless black Les Paul copy and I was reliably informed that the neck had come away from the body. The problem with that, he told me, was that two of the screws holding the neck in place had sheared and he had not had the time to try and get them out, and now no longer had the inclination to do so. So gave my thank you's and pootled back to GTK HQ.

Now, if you are regular reader of this weblog thing of mine, you will know that I am most certainly not a master of the D.I.Y. religion. No sir. So I laid out the bits of this rather sorry looking electric guitar on the GTK Studio Sofa and pondered my next move. Coffee.

After I finished my second coffee, I swung into action by consulting the highest authority on these sort of matters - Google. The Great God Google said that my best course of action was to drill out the sheared screws - can't be difficult I thought, so I went and brought my drill out of exile. Well, actually, the shed. Waste of time because both "not a clue what I was doing" and impatience set in VERY quickly and the idea was abandoned even quicker. I decided upon a more "practical" approach, in the sense that it was in my mind an easier option. Drill two new holes. And this is what I did. And you know what? It worked.

I have to emphasise that my interest in the electric guitar was for the sounds I could get out it, not necessarily for it to be an instrument of grandness or perfection.

I put the other bits and pieces, such as the bridge and the pick board, back together and had a look at the electrics - after a quick clean-up they seemed fine and so I went to put the volume and tone pots back on. I had a problem. Not being a guitarist, I didn't have a clue what went where. Now I have to say that the great God Google let me down here - I couldn't find a single page or picture which showed me where to put the pots. There was only one thing for it - I had to speak to someone.

I put a wee posting on Facebook and, at my good lady Anne's suggestion, I also phoned the Impossible Men guitarist, Peter Dagg. Thankfully he sorted things out over the phone for me and the pots were in place where they should be.

I gave the guitar a good clean up and sorted out a new set of strings, a guitar strap (black webbing - very cool and matches the guitar) and some plectrums (also black - I like things to match). An added bonus was my landlord giving a small practice amp (he's a bass guitarist in a rock band and an avid guitar collector) and my guitar set up was complete.

I now have a rather lovely looking, shiny, black Rose-Morris Avon Les Paul copy guitar, that sounds great.

All I need to do now is learn to play the bugger......

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  1. Look forward to the sonic possibilities and what you do with it!


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