Friday, 8 June 2012

Getting geared up......

I've been quite lucky over the last few weeks with procurring new items, such as the vintage valve radio and the electric guitar, for the GTK Studio. And I've done it again!!!

I've been wanting a drum module for the DIY Drum Pad Unit that my son Callum and I will soon be building for use in the GTK Studio and with the Impossible Men project. I had been thinking along the lines of buying a trigger unit made by Alesis which would have set me back about £90 - £100, or getting hold of a drum module or making a drum synth myself, not necessarily my first choice. But, a phone call from my good friend David Wright resolved the situation perfectly. He was obviously aware that I was after a drum module and as he was having something of a studio clear-out, he phoned to see if I was still interested in his Alesis DM5 Drum Module. I was, we agreed a very good price and it's now sitting on my desk :-)

Also, I have had a signal generator on my wish-list for a while as I really want to get more into the experimental/atonal side of electronic music, both in the studio and for live performance. They're about but again, prices are all over the place on the auction sites and I've not had any success in sourcing one though free ads, car boots and second-hand shops. Anyway, a few days ago, I was looking through jolly old eBay when I saw a signal generator being offered with a starting price of £5 and it was located not very far from me - it boded well. I contacted the seller to see if he would accept a "Buy It Now" offer, unfortunately (for me) he didn't, but was very nice about the whole thing - at the end of the day, he would want to get what he could for it and I certainly had no issue with that. The long story cut short is that sitting on my workdesk is a new old Linstead G1a signal generator that works just fine :-D

So, I've been lucky again and find that my little studio is starting find some interesting equipment appearing in it. Next month will see the arrival of a second signal generator, a little bigger than this one and driven by valves I think. Then shall begin my glorious exploration of the sonic realms - watch this space ;-)


  1. Having recorded two albums using these things I can tell you that you are standing on a slippery slope.


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