Thursday, 5 April 2012

New avant-garde style track - "Edge"

I spent an afternoon exploring the sonic regions of a very deep reverb using a monophonic synthesizer fed through a digital delay, a flanger, an auto-filter and a ring modulator and came up with a 20 minute piece of glorious self-indulgence, that I classify as "difficult listening", called "Edge".

"Edge" is about exploration and pushing things beyond the norm, much as I do in my own life. It's about daring to cross over the line into what some would see as a challenge to the more traditional spheres of musical influence and structure. To that end, "Edge" has no real structure, it is an atonal moment in time filled with dissonant pulses and dischordant drones, chaotic sounds that travel within a deeply reverberated space, walking along the backbone of a randomly generated blips and bleeps. To some, "Edge" may be a cacophony of noise, to others it may be a signpost to a new place, out there on the edge of nowhere.

Because of it's more avant-garde nature, I've put it out under my own name as I don't really feel that it falls into the Geigertek camp. I think it wise to keep different elements of my music separate so as not to confuse styles.

"Edge" is definitely not easy listening, but I do hope you enjoy the adventure.

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