Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The New GTK Studio Computer and stuff

Well the new studio computer arrived yesterday and I have to say that I'm well pleased with it.

The speed it runs at took my breath away and whilst to some the specs may be a little basic (Pentium dual core Sandybridge processor, 8GB RAM, 750GB HD etc), it's the mutt's nuts compared to the AMD Athlon XP 2.0ghz processor and 2GB RAM I've been using sonce 2004. The music progs are very happy and photo processing is now (for me), running at light-speed :-)

Windows 7 is taking some getting used to I have to say as not everything is as it was, but I'll get used to it. This new computer won't be seeing the Internet as I prefer to keep the creative stuff away from the risks of viruses etc, plus it means I can pare down W7 to only what I need from it. This morning will see me hooking it up to our home network, but shutting off it's Internet access.

The only downside was that my audio interface, a Behringer FCA202, doesn't have any form of 64 bit driver support. I contacted Behringer support through their website and got nowhere as it seems unusable and I eventually had to leave a message on their Facebook page (!!!!!!). Not too impressive I have to say. Anyway, they got back to me (via Facebook!!!) and told me the bad news. I suppose with a new firewire audio interface out this year, they don't want or feel motivated to support "old product". A shame really because the FCA202 has been great little interface and more than very reliable. I actually have two of them as I use them for live work. Yes, they have been THAT reliable. So, for the time being I shall have to compromise and use a 32 bit set up, slightly irking because I'll only be using 3.5GB of the 8GB RAM. And, yes, I will be saving the pennies for a new audio interface that has 64 bit support and without hesitation, I'll reformat and reinstall once again as I've had a taste of the difference 64 bit can make.

To some, the prosppect of reformatting and reinstalling might be a bit of a bind, but a good friend of mine once introduced me to the notion that a reformat/reinstall session should be treated as a day out - get in the beer and the snacks and away you go. Try it, it's fun!!!

So, network and Internet to sort out and then stacks of installation - where's my Pils glass :-)

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