Sunday, 8 April 2012

New avant-garde track: "Edge 02"

Poor sleep patterns, late nights and early mornings can often lead you to do the most bizarre of things. And once more, a pattern such as this inspired me to create the second installment of what is turning out to the "Edge" series.

Yes, two nights filled with more exploration of the sonic outposts that reside within a deep reverb and mangled LFO driven filters fed through a ring modulator and a flanger fed back through itself then back into a ring modulator has produced another 20 minute epic of unashamed self-indulgence, that has the title of "Edge 02".

"Edge 02" is the continuation of a sonic adventure that is daring to travel beyond the frontiers of acceptability. Once more, the line is crossed into that world which lies just the other side of  the more traditional spheres of musical influence and structure. As with "Edge", it's younger sibling, "Edge 02" lacks any real structure, seeing itself as an atonal pulsing drone that could be the heartbeat of an unknown universe. "Edge 02" continues where "Edge" left off - a repetitious cacophony of unrelated sounds, blended together into an insistent pulsating, clicking growl, interspersed with sweeping filtered resonances. It's another road sign to a place that's somewhere, but a somewhere we don't know the precise location of.

Again, because of "Edge 02"'s avant-garde nature, it's been released under my own name

"Edge 02" is most certainly not easy listening and it's not meant to be, but I hope you'll stay with the journey.


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