Sunday, 8 April 2012

My First D.I.Y. Electronic Drum Pad - Part 4

I took a trip to over the studio of my good friend David Wright yesterday to meet the new Code Indigo guitarist (there'll be another post about that later today), and whilst there we connected up the D.I.Y. electronic drum pad to David's Alesis DM5 drum module.

I was very excited about this, particularly after having to wait a further week because I hadpreviously taken the wrong trigger assembly. Then when all the leads were in place, it didn't work!!! After a small amount of discussion, owing to the fact that the unit had worked when I connected it to my mixer in the GTK Studio, we took the obvious step of trying another lead.

It worked!!!

And it worked like a dream. Code Indigo bassist Nigel Turner-Heffer spent a good deal of time playing around with the drum trigger and we discovered that the velocity response (the harder you hit it, the more the sound alters, be it volume or timbre) was there, but needed fine tuning. And that's just fine by me because the most important thing was it worked - you hit it, it sends it's signal to the module, the sound is produced - that's all I wanted it to do, everything else is now icing on the cake in terms of ironing out the details.

I took some video of this test and that will be in a separate post. I'll update this post accordingly as well with a link to the footage. I'll also add some photos to this and other related blogs.

Now that I know the trigger assembly actually works as I want it to, the next stage is build the 4 pad portable electronic percussion unit, so keep a watch out for further blogs on that :-)

Next project is going to be an Atari Punk Console, more details very soon ;-)

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