Monday, 2 April 2012

My First D.I.Y. Electronic Drum Pad - Part 3

So there I was, all excited at the prospect of testing out the prototype electronic drum pad on the drive over to David Wright's Suffolk studio.

We had a few things to deal with on the Code Indigo front and then it was time to start the test. Can you imagine how gutted I was when pulled out the trigger only to find I had picked up the one I had totally destroyed with my first attempt at using a soldering iron? I was seriously annoyed because there was no one else to blame but me!!! I can tell you that I thoroughly explored the more base elements of the English language for a good few minutes, my command of Anglo-Saxon was to the point of fluency.

So, the test has been rearranged for this coming Saturday 7th April 2012, once again at David Wright's Planet Recording Studio.

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