Wednesday, 18 April 2012

GTK Studio Update

After the sad departure of the JV-2080 on Monday, I turned my eye to the way my little studio was laid out. Essentially, it's how it can only be because of the size of the room, but I felt that it could be better arranged/organised. So I set about making a few changes.

I had been using a small trolley to hold the JV-2080, a Zoom 1201 multi-effects unit, a Mackie 1202 micro-mixer and junk, but it was using space I would have to have used for moving over to a little workdesk I put together last week. So, I raided our little shed and retrieved a pieces of wood from an old flat-pack something and set about extending my computer desk so that it would take the mixer and one of my microphones, as well as acting as an open storage area for my Internet computer - I use two computers, one for music and photography which has no Internet or network connection (which has recently died is in the process of being replaced) and the other for word-processing, website stuff, blogging and general Internet-related arsing about.

My little workdesk opposite the computer desk allows me to write and to faff around with silly little projects like the Atari Punk Console (APC) I'm in the process of making (more on that soon). It'll also be used for projects that involve using and recording various noise makers (such as the afore-mentioned APC) and the Zoom 1201 unit.

Not the most interesting of blogs I'm sure, but it's a little insight into where I do what I do :-)

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