Monday, 9 April 2012

Another addition to the avant-garde series: "Edge 03"

Inspired by the response to the first 2 "Edge" tracks and fuelled by caffeine, I spent another sleepless night exploring the atonal corners of sound. Using an FM synthesizer called Crystal, I mercilessly fed it through delays, flangers, LFO driven filters, ring modulators, harmonic filters and granular processors before resting it in a bed of warm reverb. The result is "Edge 03".

I like breaking rules and I broke a rule with "Edge 03" in that it has an element of rhythmic structure not overly present in the previous installments. There's also some detuned sample and hold sounds, but ultimately there's a lot more dissonant, crackly and off-kilter stuff. The journey has now evolved to a point where that element of rhythm gives the track something of a direction, but again, I'm really don't know where. Maybe it's purpose is to give some sort of convoluted order to the chaos around it. Who knows. "Edge 03" is a little more sinister I think, it has an atmosphere that's full of tension and uncertainty. Perhaps it's the sonic storm before the calm?

The continued avant-garde nature of "Edge 03" means that it is released under my own name.

Three parts of the journey completed, one more to go. Can you hack it?

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