Monday, 30 April 2012

And for my latest eccentric episode......

I'm really getting into the avant-garde and the experimental where music is concerned. After piecing together the Vibrati Punk Container a couple of weeks ago, I've been looking for different electronic sound sources and the most obvious one is that of a radio. But I simply couldn't do it the easy way. No, I wanted a vintage radio. With valves.

So, I put an ad on our local Freegle (more about that in a sec) asking if anyone had a vintage radio, preferably pre-1960's and with valves would be great. After a few days, an e-mail appeared from a lovely retired couple about 12 miles outside of Norwich with not one, but two, vintage radios, with valves. I couldn't believe my good fortune!!!

I tottled off to the village where they lived out in the Norfolk countryside and enjoyed a half-hour in the company of a very interesting man who had been retired for the best part of 10 years, listening to his stories of radios and his years working as lorry driver. Genuinely fascinating and I could have spent longer chatting with him, but I had to get back to Norwich.

The two radios look the business. They're definitely used and both have knobs missing. The radio pictured below is working and it has a lovely hummingly warm sound to it. To be perfectly truthful, I'm not much interested in listening to radio stations - most of them are crap anyway (apart from One World Radio and a fantastic show called the "Man of 2 Worlds Radio Show"). No, I like the bits in between where you get the humming, the hissing and the crackling as well as the discordant voices that you can't quite tune into.

Well, one radio working and I shall be trying out the other one very soon - it's a lovely looking Bakelite one made by Bush - I was also well pleased at getting a Bush radio as a part of my vintage radio with valves wish list was for either a Bush or a Pye model.

I mentioned above a thing called Freegle. It's great and it's a website where they don't like the idea of throwing things away, because you can give it away on Freegle. it's a site where you can advertise that old sofa or wheelbarrow you don't need any more and it might just be that there could be someone just round the corner who does. Or if there’s something you’d like, such as old vintage radios with valves, someone nearby might have one.

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