Monday, 5 March 2012

Something musical is occuring......

A few months back, I bought myself the Reaper 4 DAW as made by Cockos. It's brilliant and I'm very happy with it.

Now, I thought over the past weekend that, as I'm getting more "au faix" with Reaper, it was high time I plumbed my Roland JV-2080 synthesizer module into my computer system and got it all up and running. The JV-2080 is lovely instrument with some seriously cool sounds (not bad considering it's now 15 years old) and hooked up to my Novation Remote 61 SL MIDI keyboard controller, it's awesomeness has expanded considerably.

So, I thought I would settle down this evening and have a bit of a play, just recording the JV-2080 into the computer wth no other soft synths and no effects. And lo and behold, something quite lovely has started happening. Totally unplanned, totally unprepared and totally unintentional.

All I'm doing is layering up drones and pads, then automating Reaper's mixer to simpy fade the various bits in and out of one another. Nothing fancy, nothing intricate and nothing particularly clever. But, the sounds that are coming out of my speakers have taken me aback. I am guilty of seriously under-using and under-estimating the JV-2080, for which there can be no excuse. My JV-2080 has an additional choral expansion card fitted and the choirs and humanesque voices sounds awesome mixed in with a nice low, single note, continuous drone as well as shimemring glass-like pads and evolving soundscapes which the JV-2080 does so beautifully.

Watch this space......

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  1. i loved reading this, Neil. i am immersed in an entirely Virtual Studio set-up, and so it's really nice to read about the integration of hardware and software - especially when it is such a masterful programmer/performer doing the talking.


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