Friday, 9 March 2012

The next Geigertek album......?

Further to the previous blog entry, I've been continuing to mess about with the Roland JV-2080 for the last couple of days and I've found that what I've been recording has given me enough solid material to put together a full album of approximately 60 minutes of music. And this is what I am going to do.

The new album will be called "Drift" and comprise music that is very ambient and bordering on New Age, but not quite. The album will be made up of three tracks and their titles are:

1. Drift
2. Drifting
3. Drifted

I'm using no  soft-synths other than the Short Circuit sampler for rhythms, with everything soundwise coming from the JV-2080. My intention for this album is for it to be something that could be used for relaxation or meditation, or for simply helping the listener shed the load of the day that's been and put to bed all the events of the day. Maybe it could be for a rainy afternoon with a glass of wine and a few candles or a romantic evening in with the one you love. You get my "drift"? (Pun shamelessly intended)

I have the bare bones of the album now recorded and so the process of adding a few layers here and there and sorting the production is now what lays ahead. I expect it will be finished within the next couple of weeks and as for release, at the moment I really cannot say, but I am quietly hopeful of a release this year.

You know, I even have a draft set of ideas for the artwork - plain pale blue backround with a bright blue rectangle, a smaller red rectangle and a yellow circle, with added "grunge" look and black typewriter style typeface - looked at it earlier, and in a crazy sort of way, it fits the music!!!

So, keep a watch out for further news as it happens. I'm quietly excited by this "out of the blue" collection and hopefully it'll get out into the world sooner than later :-)

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