Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My First D.I.Y. Electronic Drum Pad - Part 2

After the disaster that was yesterday in terms of using a soldering iron for the first time, I took some time out to practice soldering different things together, including using the remnants of the first piezo/jack socket combo. After a short period of time, it seemed to come together, which for me was quite a major thing because I have a very long track record of  D.I.Y. failures on something of an epic scale. Quite literally, in "Neil Speak", D.I.Y. stands for Destroy It Yourself :-)

So, this morning I have been very careful, I have taken my time and I have been patient - all three something of a tall order at the best of times. But I tell you what, it's paid off because the piezo transducer is now stably connected to the jack socket AND it works because I put a lead in from the studio mixer to the jack socket and when I tapped the piezo, there was sound!!! It nearly brought a tear to my eye I can tell you. Now some of you reading this might be thinking "what the hell???!!!" because soldering is quite simply a basic skill - my 15 year old daughter can use a soldering iron with some degree of skill. But if you knew me and knew what I have been to the "self-build" thing, you would understand what a major break-though this has been.

But............all is not yet done as the next phase of testing is yet to come. That will happen this evening when I visit my good friend David Wright at his Planet Recording Studio in Suffolk to test the thing out on his Alesis DM5 drum module. Should that prove to be the success I hope it will be, world domination will follow......sorry, no......I meant to say I can then get on with building a finished drum pad. When that has been done, the plan is to build a 4 pad electronic percussion unit.

I shall now visit the shower and do other things before this evening's test session - I have no shame in saying that I'm quite excited :-)

P.S. Pics, and possibly video, to follow......

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