Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tonight: John Foxx and the Maths

It's currently 10.30am and in a couple of hours I will be heading off to Norwich Railway Station, my destination being London to see John Foxx and the Maths in concert this evening at the XOYO in East London.

As you will have gathered from entries in this 'ere blog thing, I am a huge John Foxx fan and this will be the high-light of 2011 for me, along with visiting the Play Studios at the beginning of last month with The Fuji (my camera). Ben "Benge" Edwards (owner of the Play Studios) is part of the Maths and will be on stage with Mr. Foxx.

Now this concert is all the more interesting as I am as much interested in the support acts as I am the headline. Tara Busch and Gazelle Twin are relatively new to me and as they will be opening the evening with their respective sets, I took the time to listen to their CD's. Oh my god!!! They really are very good. Both quite different, but both having some kind of weird ethereal overtone to their sound. Gazelle Twin's debut album "The Entire City" is very cinematic in places and her voice is quite divine. Tara Busch has an album called "Pilfershire Lane" and an E.P. called "The Rocket Wife" - both are great pieces of work and I have become a fan. Her voice soars to almost operatic proportions in places and her use of electronics is inspiring.

So, I'm in 12 year old schoolboy mode at the moment as I am very excited about the whole day. I'm getting into London a little early as I want to get some photos done and also to meet up with other Foxx fans before the event - Foxxgate as it's known. I'm also hoping to meet with Rob Harris who runs the official John Foxx website "Metamatic" and also provided me with a couple of cityscape photographs for my "Soundtrack For City Living" CD which was recently released.

The batteries have all been charged, the cameras have been primed and food has been packed into what is normally my Urbex bag. I'm ready for the off and am asking the question: "is it 8pm yet?"

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