Friday, 28 October 2011

The Next Geigertek Album :-)

The GTK Studio is done, the "Man of 2 Worlds Radio Show" for this week is complete, all the photo processing is up to date and John Foxx has been met. That can mean only one thing......time to start work on the fourth Geigertek album :-)

I have decided that the next album will be called "Hollow Sun". The title was inspired by the software house Hollow Sun, whose products I used on "Soundtrack For City Living", including the "VP330", "Crumar Perfomer", "Vintage String Synths" and "Vox Humana". These were layered with the string and choral patches on my Roland JV-2080 to great effect on the opening passages of "West 9", the pad sounds on "Underpass" and throughout "Beauty In Decay".

I expect that this new album will see the Geigertek sound moving in a different direction as I'll be bringing in more "outside help" by making more use of the voices of Candice Wells and my partner Anne Mancini-Smith, and I'm hoping that my son, Callum Raeburn-Fellowes, will be playing drums on a few of the tracks. I currently have a fascination with reverberation, time-stretching and sampling, so I would imagine that these things will emerge on the album somewhere. I will also be using a number of Hollow Sun products from their "Music Laboratory Machines" range including "Oscillosine", "TriOsc" and "Organa" as well as the ones I've already mentioned.

I have one song written, ready for recording and it's called "The Edge Of Nowhere". It's another old song from my dim and distant past, but it is a song that is now ready to be done properly. I've started writing a second track which I am calling "The Man Who Haunted Himself". Film buffs among you will know that this is an old Roger Moore movie made in 1970, based on the book "The Strange Case Of Mr. Pelham" by Anthony Armstrong. An excellent book and a very under-rated film and perhaps one of Roger Moore's best performances. Do watch "The Man Who Haunted Himself" if you get the chance, it's really quite good.

So, an album title, a bit of a concept and a couple of new tracks to get things underway. I wonder how long it will take to finish :-)

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