Friday, 16 September 2011

New studio almost done :-)

Well this will be the last posting done in the living room. When I next write, it will come from the new studio - well, a converted box room :-)

Today will be spent moving all my computer and music gear through to the box room and connecting everything up. Will be a much better arrangement all round as it will give me a personal work space and means we can have a dining table and chairs back in the living room. All part of a wider scheme to change our home around to suit a fast-growing family and a need top partition work and non-work activities. My partner Anne works from home and her set up is in the living room alongside my music stuff, so when she finishes work, she has no separation from it.

I've added a couple of pics below of the room as a work in progress from the last couple of days.

So, time to sign off from the living room and I'll see you in the GTK Studio :-)

1 comment:

  1. Looks seriously good Neil. Get some pics of the finished article/studio on here. I want to be impressed!


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