Thursday, 8 September 2011

Benge's Studio

Well what a day that was!!!

The Fuji and I had the pleasure of visiting the studio of Ben "Benge" Edwards in East London this week, the purpose of which was to take photographs for the steadily evolving "Synth Studios" project.

I arrived in plenty of time and was soon exchanging greetings with Ben who turned out to be an absolute pleasure to chat with and a very courteous and gracious man. The person impressed as much as the studio.

The studio itself is set across a series of  basement rooms, comprising a live room containing synths and a drum kit, a workshop area with various bits and pieces of synths/electronic stuff, a secondary live room with a gorgeous looking up-right piano and synths, then the main studio area with a series of mixing desks and yes, synths.

Ben's collection of classic/vintage synthesizers and recording equipment was something of a veritible Alladin's Cave and I have to say that I was a little in awe of all the analog/digital goodness that filled these rooms. Everything from a Polymoog to a Synclavier, a VCS3 to a DX5 and an ARP 2500 to a CS80, it was like stepping into something of an electronic music museum.

I spent 5 very quick hours snapping away whilst talking about synths, urban exploration, John Foxx (Ben presently collaborates with him), the local area and music software.

So, all in all, for me it was a very enjoyable experience, I have got some cool pictures (which I'm still working on), had the pleasure of Ben's company and got to see a bit of the capital city - never a bad thing for me. And of course, many thanks to Ben for letting me and The Fuji loose in his studio!!!

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