Wednesday, 24 August 2011

"Soundtrack" Update and New Photographic project

Well, we're almost at the finishing line for "Soundtrack For City Living" and AD Music have given me the official release date which is the 30th September 2011. All that's being done at the moment is last minute mix fixes and EQ anomalies. I don't want to seem arrogant, but it is sounding good. There is a wide mixture of moods and feels, the opening track "Beyond The Garden" is very chilled, the John Foxx cover, "Underpass", is very dark and brooding and a track called "Moonlight Interlude" has a very jazzy/film-noir ambience about it. In short, I'm pleased with my third album and I'm very keen to get it completely finished so I can sit back and listen to the efforts of the last 13 months.

I'm starting a new photographic project which links nicely with my musical side. I've been hassling a number of electronic musos to let me take pics of their studios, using the style and feel seen on my Urban Exploration photos. I've already got three positives, all of which are great examples of modern musicians working with hardware synthesizers in the electronic music/project studio environment. It'll take a few months to do as a fair amount of travelling will be required as the subjects are widely flung about the Kingdom, but all to the good.

The first Trinity album, "Music For Angels" will be released in the next couple fo weeks - this is an album of New Age/Relaxation music created by myself, David Wright and Nigel Turner-Heffer - and very good it's sounding as well!!!

Still exciting times :-)

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