Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"Soundtrack For City Living" Update

Well what a day it has been, and a good one at that :-)

I had a very positive telephone call this afternoon from the dudes at AD Music, full of praise for "Soundtrack For City Living". Bar a couple of VERY minor volume/EQ tweaks, it's there, done and dusted. There was particular praise for the two vocal tracks, John Foxx's "Underpass" and "Devil May Care". Generally speaking, vocals and electronic music don't always go together, but I have always been one to beg to differ - I hope everyone who hears these tracks will agree. I also had an e-mail from the webmaster of the official John Foxx website Metamatic, a very pleasant fellow called Rob Harris, giving me permission to use a couple of terrific cityscape pictures he took in Tokyo as part of the artwork for the CD. The two pictures have just the right feel and look for the concept of the album and I'm very grateful for Rob's permission to use them.

And on top of that, the date and time has been set for next week for the photo shoot at Benge's Play Studio. This is a great project for me and one that I simply cannot wait for. I shall certainly be prepping as much as I can before the day. And being as I will be in London, I'm of a mind to take in a little something of an Urbex nature after the session at Play Studio finishes ;-)

Thus far, a good day :-)

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