Saturday, 27 August 2011

New Studio Planned

Just waiting on the last few bits and pieces for "Soundtrack For City Living" to be sorted and then the short musical sabbatical begins. In that time, a lot of changes are going to made Chez Us, one of which will be the conversion of one of our bedrooms into a studio. Thus far, I've been making music in the living room, it's suited all of us to do that, but the time has come for a more permanent and dedicated set up to be planned. I have to say I am rather pleased, it's not every man who has their loved one come up to them and say "why don't you use this room as a studio" :-)

And it won't be just the physical side of things changing either. I'm changing the digital audio workstation (DAW) that I use (Cubase) to Reaper 4, a fantastic piece of software created by a company called Cockos. I've spent a few days using the 30-day evaluation download and I am mightily impressed. Whilst there are a number of features that Cubase has that Reaper 4 doesn't, I won't lose any sleep over it as I feel that Reaper is far more inclined towards the musician/producer. How you access and configure things is so much more like using a regular desk/rack situation which in my book means more control as in things being done how I want them done and not how a piece of software tells me they will be done. Routine things such as setting up auxillary busses, integrating external synthesizers and effects routing seem so much more logical then faffing around with FX tracks and Group tracks. And it does mean that I'll be using the Roland JV-2080 a whole more than I have ever done - the poor thing has sat on the rack next to me virtually useless. Not anymore.

So, plenty of things to keep me occupied over the next 2/3 months, and a whole lot of it will be creative :-)

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