Monday, 15 August 2011

Finishing line in sight.........

An 18 hour marathon today saw a massive leap forward for "Soundtrack For City Living" - six tracks have now been completed which means only two more to go and then done, bar the usual last minute tweaks.

Today's work was hampered by the sixth track causing problems with the computer. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I feel it may be to do with my PC being 7 years old - it does well!!! So, rather than spend a lifetime trying to locate the source of the problem, I took the intro to the piece and extended it into a four minute track that's very laid-back in a piano/sax/orchestra kind of way. Totally free-form, I used no rhythms, click tracks or quantising and whilst you can hear it, I think it gives the piece a real human edge. I've called it "Moonlight Interlude" and I have to say that I'm very pleased with it.

The track listing looks a little different now. I've just had a listen through to the thus-far completed tracks and put them in some kind of order. I expect the following may be the final thing:

1. Beyond The Garden
2. Beauty In Decay
3. Underpass
4. Devil May Care
5. Moonlight Interlude
6. A Rainfall Moment
7. West 9
8. Fast Lane

Looking at the approximate timings, once the last two tracks are done, the album should come in at a little over the 65 minute mark. I'm very pleased with the way the album is sounding and can't wait to finish it to hear the final thing in it's entirety - that sounds a little arrogant, but I'm quite excited by "Soundtrack For City Living" and hope that it's well received.

All that's left to do is to process vocals on and mix both "Underpass" and "Devil May Care". "Underpass" is sounding quite cool and I hope that fans of the original will like what I've done with it - I've taken the lead vocal and I've got a blinding backing vocal set done by a girl called Candice Wells and my partner Anne Mancini-Smith - really looking forward to getting to work on that tomorrow. Candice has done a fantastic vocal for "Devil May Care" and I hope to be sorting that song out on Tuesday morning ready to take the full album over to the guys at AD Music on Tuesday evening.

It's now close on 1.45am - enough for today, time for bed methinks. I shall sleep with a smile on my face tonight :-)

Exciting times.

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