Thursday, 25 August 2011

Exciting Studio Photo Shoot

A bit of excitement here at the moment as The Fuji and I will travelling to East London very soon to photograph the studio of Ben Edwards, otherwise known as Benge.

Ben has been producing music since the 90's, his work has mainly been electronica, ambient and IDM. He is best known for his 2008 solo release "Twenty Systems" that featured twenty pieces of music, each made with a particular synthesizer from a particular year, and also his collaboration with the godfather of electronica, John Foxx, on the 2011 CD "Interplay", released under the name of John Foxx and the Maths.

Aside from the fact that I am huge fan of this sort of music and synthesizers in general (read: synth-nerd), this is a particularly exciting project for me as it is something of a weird symbiosis of music and photography. It is very definitely linked to the project on synth studios that I am putting together for after "Soundtrack For City Living" is released, to which I have had some great responses from different synth musicians around the U.K. - photographing Ben's studio is, without doubt, the icing on the cake.

More on this soon :-)

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