Monday, 18 July 2011

"Soundtrack For City Living" nearing completion

A good day. And why? Well it's because I now have the final seven tracks that will form the body of the third Geigertek album "Soundtrack For City Living". All that remains now is for some vocals to be recorded and final production stuff such as EQ-ing, volume levels etc.

The anticipated track listing and order, though not finalised at this stage, is as follows:

1. Beyond The Garden
2. A Rainfall Moment
3. Underpass
4. Devil May Care
5. Beauty In Decay
6. West 9
7. Fast Lane

All being well, everything should be done by the end of this week.

The album has a very chilled-out feel to it apart from the last track "Fast Lane" which is very up tempo and basically loud. I premiered a version of this track at the recent Bungay Bash and it was very well received.

There will be some guest musicians including Code Indigo's Nigel Turner-Heffer on guitar and some keyboard work by David Wright (playing the awesome Omnisphere synthesizer). I also have two lady guests on vocals.

Anyone who is familiar with my work will see a significant departure from the first Geigertek albums. "Soundtrack For City Living" has a more free and relaxed sound to it, to me it portrays a feeling of calm within the hustle and bustle of the modern city. One of the tracks, "Beauty In Decay", came about through my activities as an Urban Explorer, again, I hope I will have captured the sense of latent beauty within a derelict and decaying environment.

Still work to be done as I need to polish the rough edges, but I'm hoping that the end product will put itself at a new level as a result.

As always, "Soundtrack For City Living" will be released by AD Music :-)

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