Saturday, 25 June 2011

Photography - where to next?

I'm kind of reviewing what I do and how I do it where photography is concerned. And I'm talking about what I take pictures of etc. I've really enjoyed the countryside rambles, getting out into the open air and taking in the peace and tranquility. I am at heart a city person and I really have a passion for the urban stuff, but getting out into the Norfolk countryside is like being given a new lease of life.

Decent derelictions are now proving difficult to come by, whatever is there to be done has been done a million times and by and large is usually trashed by chavs and idiot youths or done over by thieving urbexers. The countryside wanderings have opened my eyees further as to what's about me and so I'm looking at maybe putting something of a focus on the quirkier side of things where city type pictures are concerned.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'm going to be visiting areas of Norwich not normally photographed, housing estates and that sort of thing. My partner and I are also visiting Great Yarmouth to capture some of the sights there - and believe me, there are some real sights to behold :-D

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