Thursday, 2 June 2011

Filming Day at Bungay......

......didn't actually happen!!!

Nope, got over to David Wright's house nice and early to assist Code Indigo's Dave Massey with video graphics and lighting cues, ready for us to poodle over to the Fisher Theatre in Bungay just after lunch to prepare for the filming of at least two of the four sets.

The reality was that the setting up of the lighting desk took a lot longer than expected because the stage itself needed to be put together (it's a modular stage system) and the lights needed to be physically moved around - and it came down to David Wright and Code Indigo bassist/guitarist Nigel Turner-Heffer to do, which immediately put everything behind before we even got started.

So, once the video graphics and the lighting cues were completed, this meant a lot of sitting around waiting at David Wright's house as there was nothing that Dave Massey and I could do at the theatre.

We eventually got set up after 7pm, which left no time for trying out the sound, let alone filming. Sadly, I felt it was a day lost that could have been spent either practicing or filming, but ultimately, this was no fault of the organisers who put in a lot of hard physical work and were dead on their feet by the end of the day.

Filming has been re-arranged for this morning, so fingers crossed that all will go according to plan :-)

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