Saturday, 7 May 2011


Been a while since I last posted anything - really need to get on top of that!!!

Well it has been a  busy time, I have to say. The Urbex Excursion just before Easter was great fun and saw the Fuji getting a good run-down in five separate locations, including a wonderful 17th century manor house in the Cotswolds. The pics are on my Flickr page and I've added a couple of tasters below.

Things are in full swing for the Bungay Bash next month. My set is just about ready for me to start rehearsing - it's approximately 45 minutes long and consists of three tracks from "The Garden", three tracks from "The Timeless Mind", one track from the forth-coming "Soundtrack For City Living" and "quirky" opening piece which work or it will not :-) The first rehearsal for the Code Indigo slot is this coming Tuesday 10th May, albeit without guitarist Andy Lobban - he'll be joining us for a weekend of rehearsals starting on the 14th May 2011.

Because of the preparations for the Bungay Bash, I've had to put "Soundtrack For City Living" on hold, a lack of equipment is is meaning that I'm having to use my PC as part of my stage setup. No matter, once the gig is over and done with, my priority is to finish the album ready for an August release, naturally through AD Music.

Work on the Trinity project is finally underway. We have a wonderfully chiled out piece called "Lazy Heaven" - a cornucopia of acoustic guitar, subtle understated rhythms and luscious inter-weaving pads.

Photography and explore-wise, lots been happening. Several little trips out, including one with a chap called Clive Dunn (not the Dad's Army bloke!!!). Clive has spent the last 40 years working in broadcast television with both the B.B.C. and I.T.V., 25 years of which as a documentary film-maker and has have held several media company directorships in Norwich. He has a passion for photography and is intrigued with urban Exploration, which is how we met. We share an interest in landscape archaeology and are planning to do some related explores later in the year. Other projects are also in discussion and I'll let you know more about them soon. Anyway, we had a couple of trips out to a number of local locations including Bessingham Manor, the Lime Kiln at Newmarket Road in Norwich and Briggate Mill. My photos of these places can be seen on Flickr.

I've got a number of plans for the near future, and all will start happening after the Bungay Bash. One of the first things will be a complete re-do of my personal website, I want to stream-line it and make the galleries a little easier to view. After recent successes with my photos and after some cajoling from friends and loved ones, I'm also going to be adding a little e-shop where I will be selling prints of selected photos and also my music, including the brilliant compilation albums from AD Music. I have two other projects as well as "The Little Shoppe" and I'll be talking about these more later in the year :-)

So, it's been a busy time, and it's going to be a busy time. And it's all good - better than sitting around doing nothing. Talking of which, time to get on with some more gig preparation!!!


N xxx

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