Monday, 23 May 2011

Tempus Fugit

Okies, computer disaster this weekend - infact, everything disaster this weekend!!!

I installed an old webcam onto my laptop and PC which seriously badly conflicted with the sound drivers and hen I tried to resolve it all, it looks as though I made things a whole lot worse. So, I had no alternative but to completely re-format and am now about to re-install the software - quite a task considering there's under two weeks to the Bungay Bash.

Took off for an explore early yesterday morning around a derelict industrial estate on the Suffolk/Essex borders. It was quite a fight getting onto the site owing to fences, workmen and nettles. Access was gained and we started our explore only to be busted within 15 minutes and only managing to get a couple of pictures. So, we were philosophical about it, it happens and you just go with it. We then took off to Rougham Hall near Bury St. Edmunds - and guess what!!! Yep, not even 5 minutes and the head gamekeeper was on us. A very pleasant man who we stopped and chatted to for a while, but alas, not one shot was fired off.

It's very nose to the grindstone this evening to get the computers up and running again. I'm looking forward to when the gig has been done and I can get back to work on "Soundtrack For City Living" and get on with sorting out the Little Shoppe for my personal website as well as getting out and about with The Fuji :-)

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